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DY11 7PT

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Our Facilities

Free parking
Large well equipped gym
Free weights area (50kg Dumbbells)
Wide range of studio classes
Separate spinning studio
Sports injury clinic
Free Wifi
Personal Trainers
24hr Access


Our manned hours are:


7am - 9pm  Monday - Friday

9am - 12pm  Saturday

Sunday - Unmanned


During our unmanned hours the club is remotely monitored and assistance is always available via

the Help Points and an Emergency Phone Number







24/7 Fitness - JOINING

Under £20pm why so cheap?

We don’t have swimming pools, Jacuzzis and other expensive add ons, which allows us to pass the savings on to you. What we do have are fantastic gym facilities, great studio classes, unlimited access, and friendly staff.

Will my rate increase?

No, your rate is fixed at the time you join, so you will be unaffected by any future price increases.

How does the 12 month contract work?

You are contracted to make 12 direct debit payments of £17.95, at the end of the 12 payments you will go onto a rolling contract which only requires a calendar months’ notice to cancel.If you would like to cancel at the end of the 12 month period you just have to give a months’ notice to cancel.

How does 'no contract' work?

You are not tied in for any fixed period of time, you just have to give a months’ notice to cancel.

Do I have to join online?

There are 3 ways you can join, you can join online through our website, you can join over the telephone, or you can come into any of our clubs during our manned hours and a member of the team will be happy to help you.

Can I try the facilities before joining?

We offer a £5 guest pass, you can get this at reception anytime during the manned hours, and if you decide to join on the day we will refund your fiver.

Can I use other 24/7 Fitness clubs?

Our multisite membership (£24.99) allows you to use all of our clubs; your unique PIN will let you into all of them.

Can I pay upfront?

Yes we have an annual option for £199, you can pay cash, card or PayPal, and there are no admin fees.

Can I use a non-UK bank account for my direct debit?

Unfortunately you will need a UK bank account at this time.

What date does the direct debit come out?

Direct debits all go out on the 1st or the 15th of the month depending on which date you select as your preference.

What does 'Waiting List’ mean?

Some of our clubs experience a huge demand for memberships particularly at certain times of year. It may mean that you will not be able to join immediately; if this is the case we will contact you as soon as a place becomes available.

What is the minimum age to join The Gym?

The minimum age to use our facilities is 16 years old, however a responsible adult over the age of 18 would have to pay the direct debit.

Do you offer a student discount?

We do run offers from time to time for our student members, please click the student tab on the website to sign up for the latest deals.


24/7 Fitness – FIRST VISIT

How do I access the facilities?

Simply enter your 8 digit PIN number into the keypad at the gate, you will here a soft click as the gate releases, then just walk on in.

Are there changing rooms?

All of our clubs have full changing facilities, our lockers require a padlock, you can bring your own with you or you can buy one from us at reception.

Is there anyone to help or advise me when I am in the gym?

There are 24/7 Fitness team members and personal trainers at all of our clubs who are there all of the time during our manned hours and they will be happy to help you.

How do I get out?

There is a green exit button located next to the gate, simply push the button, wait for the soft click and then exit as you came in.

What happens if my PIN doesn’t work?

If you think you may have made a mistake the first time, press the * button twice to reset the keypad and try again. If your PIN still doesn't work, during manned hours press the call button next to the gate, if it happens outside of manned hours call the emergency phone number that is clearly displayed at the gate and at reception.

Why haven’t I received my PIN number?

Sometimes the PIN email gets sent to your SPAM folder, its worth checking there first, if you still haven’t received it then simply call, email or go to reception at the club and they will be happy to let you know your PIN.


24/7 Fitness – Membership

Is The Gym really open 24 hours?

Yes we are open 24hrs 365 days of the year, every couple of years we may need to close for a few hours for essential maintenance, but we will let you know well in advance if this is to happen.

Is the club staffed all of the time?

Every 24/7 Fitness is monitored via extensive CCTV coverage. Every 24/7 Fitness has emergency phone points and a dedicated emergency phone number and there is always someone on duty to help you or call the emergency services. 24/7 Fitness clubs are fully manned between 7am-9pm (Mon-Thur), 8am-6pm (Fri) and 9am-5pm (Sat)

Is it safe during unmanned hours?

The entire club is monitored closely by CCTV during unmanned hours. There are emergency phone points and a dedicated emergency phone number you can call if you have any problems or concerns.

Will I get a membership card?

We do not issue cards; your unique PIN number is your proof of membership.

Can I share or give my PIN number to somebody else to use?

Under no circumstances can you give or share your PIN number with anybody else. To protect the interests and ensure the safety of our valued, paying members, offenders will have their membership cancelled without refund. All members entering and exiting 24/7 Fitness are monitored by CCTV 24/7 to ensure member safety and prevent PIN number abuse.

Do I have to do an induction?

We offer a free induction to all of our joining members, it is optional and you do not have to opt for it if you do not want to.

How do I book my induction?

Call, email or visit the reception of the club where you wish to do your induction and they will book you in.

Are there personal trainers and much would a personal training session cost?

We have personal trainers at our clubs and their prices vary between £20 and £30 per hour.

How do I cancel my membership?

The contact page on our website has a form that you can fill in to change any aspect of your membership, including any change of personal details you wish to inform us of

Can I freeze my membership?

You can freeze your membership for a maximum of 6 months in any one year, for a small charge (£5pm) by direct debit. You cannot cancel your membership whilst frozen and must give a full payment months notice if you do wish to cancel. Please also note that we would need at least 10 days notice before your next payment is due to arrange a freeze on your account.

If I rejoin will I pay the same rate as before?

Your rate is fixed at the time you join, and is unaffected by any future price increases. However if you leave and rejoin you would be classed as a new member and subject to the current membership rates.

Do you have Wi-Fi access?

We are trialling free Wi-Fi at our Kidderminster and Birmingham clubs with a view to it being available in all of our clubs.

Do you have Sunbeds?

Some of our Gyms have Sunbeds. Please see reception at your club for more details

Is there car parking at 24/7 Fitness?

Yes all of our sites have ample free parking.

Gunwharf Quays is restricted to 2hrs free at  during the week and between midnight and 10am on weekends.

Fort Dunlop is restricted to 90 minutes between 7am and 5.30pm during the week. All other times are unrestricted. Please ask at reception for more details.

Do you supply paper towel dispensers to wipe down equipment?

We do not supply paper towels and request that you bring your own gym towel, this is to keep membership costs at a minimum and to avoid unnecessary waste, in line with our Green Policy.



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